Legal Department Overflow

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Over time, we have learned that the same backgrounds and skill sets that make us an effective Outsourced General Counsel solution also serve us well in providing overflow assistance to in-house legal departments. Whether you are a single General Counsel or part of a Fortune 100 legal department, we can help you manage the ebb and flow of peak demand without adding fixed headcount. Our in-house experience allows us to view issues from a business perspective while keeping your preferred risk profile in mind. We are used to working with business teams, including sales and operations personnel, and understand the pressure of quarter end contract negotiations.

We are able to assist with contract drafting, review and negotiation, due diligence, litigation management, dispute resolution or a variety of other legal matters. Also, if you have a particular project (i.e., preparing a risk profile playbook or drafting/updating standard contract templates) that your in-house team simply does not have time to handle, we can pick up the slack. Our goal is to provide quality legal work to your business, so that you or your team will have the time to focus on what is important to you.

If you have a special situation (i.e., a team member going on maternity leave) or if you simply have too much work but are not in a position to make a full-time hire, we can help you bridge the gap.

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