Hailey A. Hobren

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Project Description

Hailey A. Hobren

Prior Legal Experience

  • Solo Practitioner & Small Business Owner
  • Managing Attorney at Law Office of Laura Roth & Law Office of Jo Ann Torrez
  • Associate at Fears Nachawati PLLC (LegalZoom Plan Attorney)


  • Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service
    Washington, DC
    BSFS, International Politics, 2008
    Concentration: International Law, Ethics & Institutions
    Certificate in Justice & Peace Studies
    John Carroll Fellow (Carroll Fellows Initiative)
  • University of Texas School of Law
    Austin, TX
    JD, 2011
    Thesis: “Garageband: Apple Loops and the Apple Monopoly in the Future of Music Copyrights”
  • Austin Community College (Post-Grad)
    Certificate in Video Game Art (ACC’s Game Design Institute)
    Certificate in Fine Arts


  • Admitted to practice law in Texas, 2011
  • Admitted to practice law in Florida, 2012
  • Texas Certified Attorney/Guardian Ad Litem, 2012-Present

Practice Areas

Hailey A. Hobren


(512) 692-9664
P.O. Box 3258
Pflugerville, TX 78691
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The product of a nurse from El Paso and a musician from New Orleans, Hailey has the blessing of being born in the unlikely city of Tampa, FL. Being a Floridian had its benefits, mainly the resident discounts to amusement parks, but being the child of two young transplants recently moved from their home in Austin, TX, was in her words, “socially disconcerting” and resulted in her posing a lot of questions in the 80s. “Mom, why are we the only ones with a solar panel? Why do you bring your own bags to the grocery store? Why don’t other kids know how to make homemade piñatas? Why do we care about ‘Longhorns’?” It was not until many years later, upon arriving in Austin for the very first time (and Texas for that matter), that Hailey put all the many years of questions together and realized, “I’m not odd, I’m an Austinite!”

En route to Texas, Hailey first set her sights on Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and fiercely pursued early acceptance to feed her desire to learn about the wide world beyond Disney and its intricate workings. Hailey entered Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service totally enthused, yet totally unprepared for her introduction to “real” winters. Not designed for temperatures below 80, Hailey nevertheless managed to learn a great deal and exploit many life-altering opportunities, personal and professional alike. Hailey is a John Carroll Fellow of Georgetown’s Carroll Fellows Initiative, which required a graduate-level final thesis, tenure as a research assistant, completion of a high-level internship, leadership courses, and more hurdles than she can now remember. She earned a Certificate in Justice and Peace Studies, honors regalia for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, and was the Secretary of the Arts, Culture, and Diversity Department of GU’s student government. She took 12 hours of advanced Spanish language and literature courses and 12 hours of introductory Mandarin, which she found extremely difficult but not in the ways she expected. She was a member of Georgetown’s Honor Council and sat as a presiding judge on several panels prosecuting students for academic dishonesty. She was a summer intern for Congressman Mike Bilirakis (R-FL), during which time she had dinner at the Republican Club, witnessed a 2006 House vote on stem cell research, attended a Congressional retirement reception, wrote a public policy circular with a proposed plan for national health care reform at the Congressman’s personal request, crowded into a room of 100s of Capitol interns to hear an inspirational speech from the newly elected Senator Barack Obama, attended Congressional hearings, learned the architectural underbelly of the Capitol, and many other exciting adventures. She was also the public policy intern for the American National Standards Institute and earned experience as a D.C. lobbyist, participating in things like hosting a banquet at the National Press Club, high-end luncheons, assisting a Congressional witness testify to the merits of sub-dermal microchips in humans, and preparing full strategy briefings for ANSI’s President/CEO (along with his coffee).

By the close of her time in D.C., Hailey graduated from Georgetown wiser to the world, with a Bachelors in the Science of Foreign Service, the only one of its kind, and working proficiency in Spanish, ready to head onwards to the next frontier–Austin, TX and the University of Texas School of Law. Moving to Austin, Hailey discovered Texas cousins she had never met, the beauty of the cooperative housing business model, and her passion for all law relating to the entertainment industry and freedom of speech. She faced her fear of litigation head on with a heavy course load of trial skills and procedure, and went as far as to take a stand-up comedy class to improve her delivery. Being a cellist and having lost her cello (long story), Hailey tried her hand at digital mixing of full tracks in GarageBand, and thus was inspired, partly in self-interest, to research and write her law thesis on the implications of music “loop” licensing of stock sounds and determining copyright ownership of a resulting work incorporating such loops. It seemed like no time had passed at all, the Texas Bar Exam came and went, and so did Hailey, back to Florida, to clerk with a solo practitioner and take the Florida Bar Exam.

About five minutes after taking the Florida exam, Hailey was ready to get back to Texas and found her way to a firm in Dallas–Fears Nachawati PLLC­–where she could practice both in Texas and in Florida remotely. Joining the firm’s transactional group (business, estates, and IP), Hailey split her time between transactional legal work–her first demand letters, defending a USPTO trademark opposition, complex living trust drafting, etc.–with serving as a LegalZoom Plan Attorney. During her time in Dallas, Hailey conducted over 3,000 half-hour telephone consultations with LegalZoom customers on every conceivable legal question juggling between the law of two states, interchangeably and sometimes simultaneously. On one side Hailey gained fundamental experience in legal drafting, like website terms of service and privacy policies (most complex: advanced fire arms training school in Louisiana) and some documents other attorneys will simply never come across (most bizarre: legal forms and policies for a ‘crystal healing’ online training school). The other half of her experience was invaluable in learning (through nothing less than unprecedented practice) how to effectively communicate and work with the full spectrum of personality types one may find in Texas or Florida. Those hundreds of hours speaking with people molded Hailey into an empathetic and patient counselor who creates open dialogues with her clients that are professional, successful, and mutually rewarding. Hailey values rapport as much as efficacy and efficiency, and that philosophy contributes to the quality of her representation and high client satisfaction.

In the summer of 2012, however, a sad and sudden turn of events occurred not long after Hailey began her stay in Dallas. Hailey’s mother, Sharlea Hobren, was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given a bleak prognosis. Few children are prepared for handling the serious illness of a parent, but as a 26 year old facing the possible eminent loss of her mother, Hailey struggled through the following months being so far from her home in Florida. It was a difficult decision to leave Dallas, which had become her new home, but it was time to return to Austin to be with the extended family she had found and built there. Hailey left Dallas to join a sole practitioner in Austin–Jo Ann Torrez–who continues to serve Austin as a part of its growing number of Hispanic-female litigators. Practicing in nothing but transactions since being licensed, Hailey was tossed immediately into the fire and sent as sole counsel to a full day final hearing just weeks after her transition. True to her spirit, it was a terrifying but welcome and new challenge, and after winning her first trial, Hailey was successful at many hearings and mediations to follow as she took on the responsibility of her own independent caseload and supervision of staff.

Hailey developed the desire to put her skills back to work in transactions as well as litigation, however, and so branched off to pursue her own solo practice and, at the same time, found the start-up “The Smarter Artist Project” (TSAP), a virtual real-time workshop series teaching artists and small business owners legal basics on a range of relevant topics, including copyright, trademark, business formation and governance, licensing, and even estate planning. Although TSAP failed to catch on and was ultimately discontinued, Hailey has been blessed in that her mother’s prognosis has greatly improved from a few months to anyone’s guess, and although she must still take chemotherapy twice a day indefinitely, Sharlea is joyful and full of life, like a true Texan, running bull-horns straight at the cancer to kick it in the hide with a big Southern smile and gratitude for every moment. Walking this path with her family, Hailey has come to deeply appreciate her experience and has taken away stronger empathy and compassion for the people in her life, including her clients, particularly those suffering from the loss associated with serious illness.

Eventually finding momentum, Hailey joined her friend and colleague, Laura Roth’s, solo practice in north Austin to assist with an overflowing, mixed caseload and to expand the estate planning, probate, business, and civil litigation areas of the firm. Being a part of the firm afforded Hailey many opportunities to refine her skills as an attorney, such as sitting as second-chair plaintiff’s counsel in a three-day jury trial, becoming a feature of the probate courts in Travis and Williamson counties (which have wonderful clerks, court staffs, and judges in her opinion), and after a period of renewal, Hailey was ready to continue her journey and was put in touch with the attorneys of Grable Martin Fulton PLLC. Hailey brings with her a probate and estate disputes practice, estate planning portfolio, holistic services for small and medium sized businesses, a formidable arm to Grable Martin Fulton PLLC’s litigation team, and new services in entertainment law.

Aside from the law, Hailey has little spare time as she takes night and weekend classes at Austin Community College for 3D modeling and animation, graphic design, and fine arts. She has also been the Secretary of the Entertainment and Sports Law Section of the Austin Bar Association since 2014 and is active in the Austin Young Lawyer’s Association, including performing annually in AYLA’s “Bar & Grill” production (with award winning roles such as Iago, the bird from Aladdin, and Jar Jar Binks groupie), volunteering at the Annual Women’s Resource Fair, and participating in the 2017 AYLA Leadership Academy. When not working for clients, pursuing professional development, creating art of all sorts, taking classes, and maintaining her social network, Hailey spends her time with her ten-year old Japanese Chin, Sake, who she believes should get a cute and fluffy award daily.


  • Entertainment & Sports Law Section, Austin Bar Association (ESLABA): Secretary, 2014-Present
  • ESLABA CLE Speaker, September 2016, “How the Music Lives On: Handling an Entertainer’s Estate
  • Texas Bar Association Entertainment & Sports Law Section (TESLAW): Journal Contributor, 2014 (Legal Practice Document: “Website Terms of Service/Privacy Policy Client Questionnaire”)
  • Austin Young Lawyers Association (AYLA) Leadership Academy, Spring 2017
  • Austin Bar Association, Bar & Grill Troop: Performer/Prop-Master, 2014-Present
  • AYLA’s Annual Women’s Resource Fair Volunteer, 2014-Present
  • Dallas Bar Association, Bar None: Performer/Dancer 2013