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Liz Wiley is an attorney with broad commercial litigation and intellectual property experience, obsessed with facilitating cross-border transactions and mitigating the communication mishaps that can derail them.  Since 2011 she has applied her tech sector experience in patent litigation to connecting France’s dynamic tech ecosystems with Austin and vice versa.  She has given several presentations in France to advise French companies setting up operations or partnerships in the U.S. and along the way has accumulated an estimated 35 treks to France.  She is a founding director of the French American Business Council of Austin, Inc., was named in 2015 the Honorary Consul of France for Austin, and serves as the legal mentor for Austin’s “French Tech” initiative.  She may be reached at (even when she’s in France).
Dec 4, 2017

France’s Private Sector and Digital Policy: A Conversation with AFNUM’s Maxence Demerlé

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During a recent trip to Austin’s sister city, Angers, France, to attend the World Electronic Forum, I learned about an interesting and relatively new trade association: AFNUM, or Alliance Française des Industries du Numérique (or French Alliance for Digital Industries). Liz Wiley AFNUM represents a large cross-section of technology sectors comprising the bedrock [...]